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Gnistra has worked with large as well as small companies. Most of our projects are related to the following fields: Internet based poker and casino, industrial solutions (factory equipment), and telecom solutions. Below, some of our references are shown.

Ongame E-Solutions / bwin Interactive

Ongame is a market leader in the global market for poker and casino on digital media. Ongame was appointed IT—company of the year by Veckans Affärer in 2005. Gnistra has provided consultants to multiple projects at Ongame since autumn 2005. Most of the projects have been on the next generation casino games.

The cooperation has evolved in a positive direction and resulted in Gnistra receiving the responsibility of managing and developing projects.


The main deliverable in the Orange project was the Orange Service Platform (OSP). OSP provide all the generic functionality that integrates content, services, subscription management, billing, settlement and provisioning. It connects the functionality to the end user through integration with the telecom- and IP network of the operator. The platform ensures secure user authentication and authorization, provides access control to the services that the user may use and ensures that proper billing transactions are generated. The platform provide access to assets and services to the user via different terminals (phone, Web, WAP, PDA, etc.), by tracking the protocol and format for each terminal in a transparent manner. OSP is a scalable component, developed with installations and uninstallation of hardware, contents and services, without interruptions in the live environment. OSP is the fundamental component on which most often third party providers install and run their content and services.

The consultants from Gnistra participated in roles as architect, technical project manager, product owner and content management responsible, in the Orange project.


Gnistra worked for Ericsson Business Consulting with integration of Ericsson’s web services and business-to-business applications for a single sign-on protected enterprise portal. The single sign-on portal offers a simplified access to Ericsson’s internet services through an encrypted and certificate based one-time login.

The portal is based on GetAccess from Entrust, one of the leading products in secure web portal solutions. The development of the portal demanded a major adaptation of Ericsson’s internet services, to enable integration with GetAccess. With Gnistra’s expertise in internet and portal solutions, Gnistra’s consultants were engaged in both GetAccess and integration tasks.

As consequence of the amount of knowledge of GetAccess that Gnistra’s consultants acquired, Gnistra also educated those of Ericsson’s staff who inherited the product that Gnistra’s consultants had developed, in GetAccess.