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Project Management

Many of our consultants have profound experience of project management and mentorship in technical advanced projects. We are used to taking responsibility as whole for project management in larger projects where great demands are put on the project manager. We work primarily with RUP and several of our consultants teach RUP at Learning Tree International. We are also experienced in the methodologies such as XP, GS Methods and Scrum. Consultants from Gnistra always work close to the customer and are used to adapt the methodologies to the customer’s process and methods, if desired.


Through experience and a high level of competence, we have become very skilled in technical investigations. The investigations can involve selection of existing products, time estimates, choice of technology, project evaluation etc. We perform in-depth investigations to find out the true state of the matter. It is not good enough for us to only read the documentation or listen to a sales presentation.

System Development, Design and Architecture

Gnistra’s consultants have several years of experience in system development and system architecture. We work in many programming languages, development environments and databases. Our primary areas are Java- and .NET development.

  • Programming
  • Our profound knowledge in Java technology is what separates us from other companies. We have long experience in development of everything from large enterprise systems on market leading application servers, such as IBM Websphere an BEA Weblogic, to simpler dynamic web pages. Most of our consultants also experts in development for Microsoft’s .NET platform, ASP and COM(+). We are also experienced in LabVIEW

  • Design and Architecture
  • We offer experienced system architects and designers for analysis, design and architecture in the process of developing new systems. Our consultants are very competent in modeling of object oriented systems. We are also experienced in product and technology assessments, code review and experience of using established design patterns during system design.

  • Databases
  • We have a great knowledge in most of the leading databases, i.e. Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server and MySQL. In addition to the project experience our consultants have of these databases, some of our consultants tech Oracle and MS SQL Server at Learning Tree International. We also accepts projects in database design, data migration, optimization and configuration.

  • Mobile Solutions
  • Gnistra has a unique competence in developing mobile solutions. Our greatest competence is in the J2ME, MIDP and IP based communication over GPRS networks.

Content Management

One of Gnistra’s special areas of competence is content management in larger platforms or portals. Our consultants are familiar with most products in the market segment but the expertise is in Interwovens product suite, including the market leading product Teamsite.

It is in CM system architecture that we truly distinguish ourselves from our competitors, regardless of the choice of products. We have participated and developed the architecture and the design for data management systems in the size of 200 terabyte with support for different types of data streams.


Gnistra’s consultants combine consultant contracts with teaching assignments in areas such as system development, databases and object oriented analysis and design. The strategy behind this is to keep our consultants technically updated and assure a high pedagogical and social skill in our consultants.

Our consultants have been teachers and/or lecturers at Learning Tree, Ericsson, Razorfish, Spray Labs, Nexus, Site, Berga Örlogsbas, Monash University (Australia), Uppsala University, and more.

Web Programming

We have long experience in web programming. Examples: Site containing information about MRT, BTS, and buses in Bangkok