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Gnistra presenterar stolt, en e-handel som möjliggör för kunder att beställa verktyg, trädgårdsutrustning, bildelar och mycket annat från ett enormt sortiment.

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Gnistra offers consultancy services for the software development market. The customers turn to us when it is not enough with just another resource; they want a consultant that adds extra value to their projects. The value added consists of a frequent interaction between the customer and the consultant and the consultant’s knowledge, to recommend the most efficient solutions.

Our customers exist in the online poker and casino market, telecommunications market and businesses that use technically advanced systems. Technologies we work with include Java, J2EE, .NET (C#), C++, and LabVIEW.

Since we know our consultants can deliver, we can provide extensive guarantees. We have previously done many deliveries within the poker and casino market. Therefore we know how much the development cost amounts to. Gnistra assures that the consultant has suitable knowledge for the task, which is the most important key to success for a project.