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Gnistra, a company providing consultancy services for software development, was established in 1999 and has been profitable since it started. We also operate under the brand GT Sensing Systems, where we manufacture measurement systems for the industry. Gnistra’s consultants all have an academic education, are regarded to have a high level of social competence and are experts in their areas. Examples of our areas of expertise are project management, software development, software development tools for improvements efficiency and large systems architecture. The company headquarter are located in the centre of Uppsala.

Gnistra’s economy has always been solid. Every year has shown profit, even when the market has been cold in general.

Gnistra’s business strategy is to hire persons that are the best among software consultants. We become the best outsourcing partner for companies through our staff's knowledge, to deliver smaller projects on time with high quality. Our customers are mainly in the online poker and casino market, telecommunication market, or companies who are using technically advanced systems in their process. A part of Gnistra’s business plan is also to provide contractors for projects and to do technical investigations.

  The question we all ask ourselves (Translated: What is important?)